Mental Health IP Review and Input Draft

Hello from Your World Board!

We are pleased to present you with a review and input draft of the “Mental Health in Recovery” informational pamphlet. This IP intends to support members in recovery who face mental health challenges. After factoring in the ideas we hear in review and input, the World Board will offer a possibly revised version of this IP in the Conference Agenda Report for Fellowship-wide approval at the 2020 World Service Conference. This cover memo will give you some background information on the IP as well as review and input questions to help guide your discussions.

Project Background and Purpose

We want to thank all those who shared their experiences. Prior to the start of the workgroup, we had received 792 pieces of input from 26 countries.  Because of your participation, we are pleased to be able to reflect much of what we heard in this draft.

WSC 2016 approved a motion: “That the NA World Board develop a project plan which includes a budget and timeline to create an informational pamphlet specifically about mental illness and recovery for consideration at the 2018 World Service Conference.” The Conference supported this motion (93-17-1) and the mental health pamphlet received high priority ranking in the WSC 2016 literature survey. WSC 2018 approved a project plan and budget, and the World Board formed a workgroup to develop the IP.

What’s in the Draft?

The informational pamphlet has topic headings to assist members who have specific concerns; however, some ideas about mental health conditions in recovery are reiterated throughout the draft. As an example, we thought that experience with maintaining one’s recovery and mental health well-being is important, so it is mentioned a few times in the draft. We believe restating points throughout the IP is helpful to illustrate their significance.   To support the experience in this IP, we have included quotes from members and quotes from the Basic Text, It Works: How and Why, Just for Today, In Times of Illness and Guiding Principles.

Review and Input Questions

This pamphlet will be of most use to the Fellowship if it helps members in recovery who face the mental health challenges. Sharing your personal response to the draft will help make it more useful and beneficial for members. We are asking for your overall impression and your response to several specific questions:

Question Title

* 1. My overall impression of the draft is positive

Comments regarding your overall impression:

Question Title

* 2. Are there any thoughts, ideas, or spiritual principles missing or that should be elaborated upon from any section of this pamphlet?

Question Title

* 3. Are there any ideas or best practices that you believe are inadequately explained? If you discover any, please identify them.

Question Title

* 4. Is there anything in the pamphlet that should be omitted or deleted?

Question Title

* 5. This pamphlet is designed to address some specific issues that individual members face. These include sharing in meetings and serving the Fellowship while taking psychotropic medication for a mental health condition. We did our best to touch on these sensitive situations with compassion and understanding, while staying true to our core NA principles. How adequately do you believe we have addressed these issues?

Question Title

* 6. This input is from (choose one)

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* 7. Please let us know which state or country you are from?