Input for Mental Health/Mental Illness IP Project

The 2016 Conference Agenda Report included a survey to determine priorities for recovery literature. The topic that most regions prioritized for the next information pamphlet or booklet was “Mental Health.” That same Conference passed a motion, “That the NA World Board develop a project plan which includes a budget and timeline to create an informational pamphlet specifically about mental illness and recovery for consideration at the 2018 World Service Conference.”

The Conference agreed to prioritize the topic mental health/mental illness and collect input from the Fellowship over the course of this cycle about the focus and content of the piece. Your input will help shape a project plan which will be included in the 2018 Conference Approval Track material and voted on at WSC 2018.

Much like By Young Addicts, for Young Addicts, this would be a piece of “targeted literature,” geared specifically for recovering NA members who have a mental illness in addition to addiction. It can be difficult for some members who are not part of the population targeted by a piece of literature to give input. You don’t have to answer all of the questions below. We welcome any input you have.

This piece would be a pamphlet and so it must be short and focused. The average length of an IP is only about 1,000 words. A booklet would be able to contain more text, but booklets are less widely distributed.  An IP would be much more accessible.

Please fill out this survey 1 June 2017