The Implementation Plan has been developed in partnership with a wide range of organisations, people that use mental health services and carers. A Task & Finish group was established and worked together to write the plan which first of all sets the scene and describes the national directives. The local context is then described as well as the range of service provision available, and how much we spend on mental health services. Finally and most importantly, the document outlines the priorities under each of the No Health without Mental Health 6 key Objectives.

As part of developing the plan, the Task & Finish group devised surveys for individuals and organisations as well as scoping current and planned services and holding engagement events with stakeholders. By using these methods, it helped the group to identify the priority areas. We now want to check that the document and the priorities highlighted are the right ones and will make a difference. This is another opportunity to input into the final version of the plan.

We would encourage you to answer the following questions and/or make any further comments you wish to make in the free text box.