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Dear Student,

Your experience with MyFoundationsLab will help us develop new features and enhancements for future users. Please answer these questions thoughtfully and honestly. Your feedback is important to us!

* 1. On average, how often did you use MyFoundationsLab?

* 2. Which subject areas did you use? (Select all that apply)

* 3. How useful were the following features for understanding and mastering the material?

  Very Useful Useful Not Very Useful
The personalized “Learning Path” showing what you already know, and which topics need practice
Overviews, videos, and animations to explain concepts
Ability to practice and re-take practice exercises
Getting instant feedback
Getting step-by-step help

* 4. What did you like about MyFoundationsLab? (Select all that apply.)

* 5. Using MyFoundationsLab has helped me:

  A Lot Some Not at All Not Apply
Improve my English skills
Improve my Math skills
Better prepare for future areas of study
Better prepare for a new job or career

* 6. Compared to using a traditional textbook, MyFoundationsLab...

  Agree Disagree Neutral
Made the material more interesting to learn.
Helped me to understand the concepts better.
Helped me learn the material more quickly.
Helped me feel more confident about my ability to succeed.

* 7. After using this program.....

  Agree Disagree Neutral
I feel comfortable using technology for classwork.
I'll get a better grade in future courses.
I've learned skills that can help me in the workplace.
I recommend that my school continue using MyFoundationsLab.

* 8. What was your overall level of satisfaction with MyFoundationsLab?

* 9. What can we do to make MyFoundationsLab better?

* 10. In your own words, how did MyFoundationsLab help you the most?

* 11. May we use your comments in our marketing materials?

* 12. Please tell use your name (this is especially important if your instructor has asked you to complete this survey):

* 13. Last question! Where are you from?