We are looking for Beauty Review members to trial and report back on a temporary pastel colour range.  

To ensure we send the product to the right people we have a few questions.

* 1. Is your hair currently coloured, either at home or professionally?

* 2. What is your current hair colour?

* 3. Tell us about the colour on your hair currently, for example what how many layers of colour do you have?  Is it bleached?  How long ago did you last apply colour?

* 4. How long is your hair?

* 5. Are you willing to colour your hair with semi-permanent pastel shades for the review?

* 6. What pastel shade/s would you be willing to trial?

* 7. Why would you like a spot on this trial team?

* 8. Details (these will be used to identify your BR account should you be selected)