1. Introduction

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Merlin is a powerful new platform for distribution of local and national digital media content. Since Merlin has been made public, the project is increasing web traffic to local station sites from the new PBS.org and bringing local information to the national PBS audience through mobile apps on the iPhone and iPad.

Over the next several months, the PBS Interactive Stations Products & Innovation (SPI) team is rolling out access to the Merlin Admin Tool so that all PBS stations can fully benefit from the opportunities to grow audience size and increase online engagement through Merlin. The SPI team will begin the Merlin account set-up and training (on-boarding) process in December. Like the initial roll-out of COVE, stations will be brought on-board in small groups on a rolling basis. Priority will initially be given to full-paying COVE Pro stations that already have content surfacing in Merlin, followed by ensuring broad range of local content from markets across the country is available through Merlin. On-boarding cycles will continue until all interested stations have access.

*This survey will help the SPI team select stations for each on-boarding cycle. If your station is interested in gaining access to Merlin, please complete this survey and alert us to its completion at pbsi_stationservices@pbs.org so we can add you to the list.

Input from staff who play technical and editorial roles will be needed to take this survey; however, the survey should only be completed by your station’s Project Merlin main contact and will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Thank you for taking the survey and we look forward to bringing you on to Merlin.