Governors of BOTH Colleges would be very grateful if you would read our consultation and respond to the questions below.

The results will be published on the colleges' websites and will be available on request.

Privacy statement:  Your data will only be used in relation to the merger consultation process and will not be used for any other purpose.  All responses will be anonymous in the consultation results documentation.

Thank you.

* 1. Please select the category that best describes you:

* 2. Do you support the proposed merger of Telford College of Arts & Technology and New College Telford?

* 3. Do you support Telford College as the proposed name of the merged colleges?

* 4. As Telford College, we plan to invest in student opportunities and provide employers with training and skills that contribute to growth in the local and regional economy.  Do you support these aims?

* 5. As Telford College, we plan to share good practice on one campus (TCAT), after capital investment and modifications, in order to further enhance the quality of learner and customer experiences.  Do you support these aims?

* 6. As Telford College, we will focus on innovation, access to quality learning and being a source of pride for our local communities.  Do you support these aims?

* 7. Do you think anybody, including students or staff, will be adversely affected by the merger plans?