Monitoring parliamentary activities in the European Parliament

MEP Software conducts this survey to improve the accuracy of MEP Ranking "Activity Score".
MEP Ranking is an application which generates the rank of Members of the European Parliament according to their parliamentary activity. Check the latest ranking on the MEP Ranking web page.

We aim to collect feedback from the EU affairs experts and use it to compliment our algorithms.
Your participation will ensure the Activity Score becomes more accurate and reliable.
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Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

1. Your professional affiliation:

2. How often do you deal with the EU legislative documents?

3. How long do you work on issues related to the EU policy-making?

4. How significant are these parliamentary procedures?

  Not significant Slightly significant Moderately significant Significant Very significant
Ordinary legislative procedures
Budgetary procedures 
Consent procedures
Consultation procedures
Parliament resolutions and initiatives
Delegated acts procedures

5. What activity requires the most effort from the MEP aside from being the Rapporteur in ordinary legislative procedure?

6. How challenging (time & effort-consuming) is the activity of drawing up a report?

  Not at all challenging Slightly challenging Moderately challenging Challenging Extremely challenging
Report on a legislative proposal (codecision) Rapporteur responsible
Report on a legislative proposal (codecision) Shadow Rapporteur
Opinion on a legislative proposal (codecision) Rapporteur for opinion
Report for the Consent procedure
Report for the Consultation procedure
Own-initiative report (INI) Rapporteur responsible
Budgetary Procedure Report
Delegated Act
Implementation Report

7. What makes the report the most difficult for the Rapporteur to handle?

8. What position demands the most effort and time?

9. What type of parliamentary question requires the most effort?

10. What type of resolution/recommendation requires the most effort?

11. What other available data should the Activity Score take into consideration?

12. If you wish to receive the results of the survey, please provide your email: