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Please read the following information before completing the registration.

U-CAAN Drive is a Learner Driver Mentor Programme (LDMP) operating in the northern suburbs of Hobart. U-CAAN Drive is focussed on assisting disadvantaged learner drivers obtain a provisional licence.

Licencing legislation in Tasmania requires different levels of a learner's licence, plus a minimum of 50 hours driving experience before sitting for a provisional licence (P-plates). However, there are people in our community who cannot afford driving lessons or who are unable to access the support required to learn to drive a vehicle. This can restrict their ability to access employment, training or social opportunities, especially in areas where public transport is limited.

The U-CAAN Drive programme provides the vehicle and matches learner drivers with mentor drivers who work together to attain the 50 hours of supervised driving. The aim is for the learner driver to successfully obtain their provisional licence.
How to get involved
For Volunteer Mentor Drivers:

U-CAAN Drive relies upon the generous support of volunteer mentor drivers. If you have an hour or two to spare a week (or thereabouts) and are interested in making a positive impact on someone’s life, please contact us on 6249 5363, email, or complete this form and someone will contact you soon.
To be eligible for mentor consideration you must:
·           Be of driving age, have a current legal driving licence for two years, and have no serious driving offences
·           Undergo a National Police check and Working with Vulnerable People check (paid for by U-CAAN Drive)
·           Complete compulsory driver mentor induction
Driver mentor induction includes: 
  1. An initial interview with the U-CAAN Drive project officer – explain the program, view the vehicle & log book procedures, fill out the police check and other forms.
  2. Upon return of the Police check and Working with Vulnerable People check,   mentors are required to attend an induction session at Bucaan Community House to obtain greater detail on the program including what's required for learners to gain their provisional licence; a Q & A session with a current mentor driver, and tips on modern driving techniques from the Australian Institute of Advanced Motorists.
  3. If volunteers are confident in their abilities they may begin mentoring at this stage.
  4. Mentors are also offered:
              A defensive driving course – all costs covered by U-CAAN Drive.
              An initial session with another mentor to become familiar with the vehicles and procedures. 
The program is flexible to your needs, you can mentor as little or as much as you like.

We appreciate and value your efforts as a volunteer mentor & will do whatever we can to fit into your requirements.

To find out more
Linda, Project Coordinator (available Monday)
Phone: 03 6249 5363
Bucaan Community House Inc, 8 Bucaan Street, Chigwell TAS 7011
Mail: PO Box 109, Chigwell TAS 7011

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Once you have been accepted as a Mentor Driver, you will need to sign a form indicating your understanding that your personal information will be kept on file in accordance with Bucaan Community House's Confidentiality policy.
Thank you for registering your interest in the U-CAAN Drive Programme. Our coordinator will be in contact with you soon.