2017-2018 Mentorship Program

The ACHE of MA Mentorship Program is designed to support the development of future healthcare leaders and make a lasting contribution to the healthcare field.

The goal of the Mentorship Program is to provide interested members with opportunities to learn and grow through partnerships with other local healthcare professionals. Through the program, professional development will be fostered, knowledge of industry issues will be enhanced, and the value of and participation in the American College of Healthcare Executives will be promoted. We hope you'll join us! You must be a member to apply.

Not a Member? Join the thousands of healthcare executives around the country in ACHE!

* 1. Please complete the demographic information below.

* 2. Preferred means of communication (check all that apply):

* 3. Job Status (Please select all that apply):

* 4. Current position/title:

* 5. If employed, who is your current employer? (Please put "N/A" if unemployed; if you are currently a student please put your program information.)

* 6. Undergraduate College and Degree: (e.g. Boston University, B.S. Economics)

* 7. Graduate Programs and Degrees (If applicable):

* 8. Years of Relevant Experience:

* 9. Please provide a brief bio which will be shared (in addition to your name, position/title, and employer/organization provided above) with all of the mentor/mentee participants at our kick-off event in the fall.

* 10. Our mentorship kick-off event will be held on Tuesday, October 17th. We are considering two different locations, and would appreciate your feedback regarding the location that is more convenient for you.