Mentee Agreement for Huskie-2-Huskie Students

Please read this information and contact NIU Career Services with any questions (815.753.1641).

This mentee agreement is designed to promote beneficial and safe mentoring opportunities.

1. Students must respect the time being donated by mentors; be on time for all mentoring appointments. If an emergency strikes and you cannot attend, you must contact your mentor immediately. Make sure you have contact information for your mentor in case this happens.

2. Attire and Conduct: H2H participants represent Northern Illinois University. Please ensure that your interactions and attire convey a positive and workplace-appropriate impression.

Because the purpose of mentoring is to promote professional development as opposed to social opportunities, the use of alcohol at mentoring-related events, regardless of whether participants are of legal drinking age, is prohibited. H2H participants agree that they will not consume alcoholic beverages at mentoring-related meetings/events.

3. Mentees should prepare questions for mentors and demonstrate interest in career growth. Just like an academic class, you will get more out of mentoring if you prepare in advance.

4. Mentoring relationships will differ by length, number of meetings, and topics covered; these factors should be discussed and agreed upon by each mentor/mentee pair. Mentoring examples include one-time phone consultations, in-person meetings, and job shadowing.

5. Mentees should not seek advice from mentors about academic progress or related issues that should instead be discussed with NIU academic advisors and faculty.

6. In an increasingly transparent and networked world, be mindful of privacy issues. Your mentor will tell you how he/she prefers to be contacted. Consider how you would like to be contacted by your mentor. Mentors/mentees should not exchange home addresses.

We strongly urge that all visits between mentors and mentees take place in workplace/public settings. Any concerns about the appropriateness of interactions with your mentor should be reported immediately to NIU officials or, if needed, local authorities. Participation in H2H is voluntary, and mentors/mentees freely enter into the mentoring program; participants do not undergo background checks. As is true of all new professional relationships, participants should exercise appropriate caution when making the acquaintance of an unknown individual.

7. If the terms of this Mentee Agreement are not met and/or student participation is not consistent with the goals of the Huskie-2-Huskie Mentoring Program, NIU Career Services reserves the right to terminate student involvement in the mentor program. NIU Career Services also reserves the right to establish additional participation criteria, if warranted.

8. Student expressly authorizes the release of his/her information from education records at Northern Illinois University to his/her H2H mentor for the purposes of participation in the mentoring program. This includes, but is not limited to, the student’s academic program, majors and minors, general summaries of academic performance (but not specific grades or GPA), participation in university events and functions, and any awards or honors received.

9. In consideration of NIU allowing students to participate in H2H, NIU is not liable for inadequate or inaccurate advice or information provided to mentees by their H2H mentors.

Student expressly waives all claims against NIU for the advice provided by a mentor.


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