How the Program Works

  1. An individual will apply to become a mentee or mentor by filling out the survey and Authorization to Use and Release Protected Health Information for the HCU Back to Care program.                          
  2. Once the survey and forms are completed, HCU Network America personnel will contact the applicant.                                       
  3. Prior to starting, the applicant (both mentee and mentor) must be affiliated with a clinic for care.  If they are not, HCU Net America will help facilitate referral to a clinic.  Check ins should be short and based around what the mentees needs and mentors' experiences.                                                              
  4. The following timelines are recommended but can be flexible based upon the individual mentee/mentor relationship.
    • Initial meetings between mentor and mentee are weekly.
    • After 3-6 weeks meetings will go to monthly.
    • After 3 months, the patient can choose to continue monthly, or go to a quarterly basis.                                              
    •  At 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months someone from HCU Network America will check in to see how your experience with your mentee/mentor is going and if there are things you need assistance with. If there are topics you need assistance with you can always reach out in the meantime.
11% of survey complete.