Mental Health: Have you been affected by the recession?

As you know, the UK is currently in an economic recession. We would like to find out how this has affected your mental health.

Your answers will help us influence the Government to provide enough high-quality services that meet people's needs.

Many thanks for all your support

Professor Sue Bailey
President, The Royal College of Psychiatrists

* 1. Which of the following describes your situation? Please tick as many boxes as apply.

* 2. Has the recession had a negative impact on your mental health?

* 3. Please complete the following sentence: "Because of the negative impact on my mental health, I use health and social care services ..."

* 4. Please can you explain how the recession has affected your mental health? How did it affect your use of mental health services (if at all)

* 5. Do you have any further comments you would like to make? Or experiences you would like to share

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this very short questionnaire.