The town of Mendon has an exciting opportunity to add badly needed variety to its housing stock on a town-owner parcel at 52 Providence St. In order to ensure that any future development is consistent with the fundamental character of Mendon, the town is asking residents to weigh in early. The data collected in this survey, in conjunction with town meetings, will be used to develop comprehensive design standards which will guide development on this property.

Within this survey, you will be asked to review images and rank them based on how appropriate you feel the housing type or design element is to the town's existing character. The images are ranked on a sliding scale from -7 indicating "Least or Not at All Appropriate," to +7 indicating "Most or Completely Appropriate". A score of zero indicates a neutral stance.

The survey is divided into two sections, the first being Housing Types and the second Design Elements. We ask that you spend no more than a few seconds per image. Our goal is to get a sense of what your first reaction to a type of housing might be, so in this case, your gut reaction is the best reaction. Each page includes a comments section and you are encouraged to leave us your thoughts on a given image, however it is not required.

To follow the progress of this exciting plan, please visit the Mendon Housing Facebook page at For questions or further comments, please contact Bill McHenry, Affordable Housing Coordinator, (508) 970-4932 or

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