* 1. Are you currently peri-menopausal (early changes), menopausal (going through changes) or post-menopausal (went through changes)?

* 2. Are you forty years old or older?

* 3. If you are younger than 40, have you had a surgical hysterectomy with removal of your ovaries? (leave blank if you are 40 or older)

* 4. Are you less than 50 pounds overweight?

* 5. Are you free of serious injuries limiting your exercise? (while great results can be achieved without exercise, your results will be improved with it)

* 6. Are you free of known thyroid or adrenal issues? (if you have thyroid and adrenal issues, you should consider our Hypothyroid & Adrenal Program instead)

* 7. Are you suffering from any of the following: hot flashes, sleep issues, mood changes, weight gain, difficulty losing weight?

* 8. Are you interested in the in-depth science around understanding your metabolism and how menopause impacts it? (this program, like all Metabolic Effect programs, spend considerable time helping you understand the underlying hormonal changes impacting your metabolism)

* 9. Did you answer yes to all or most questions above? If so, this program is perfect for you. Select yes below, complete the survey and you will be taken back to the menopause product page. If you answered no to most questions, consider the Female Fat Loss Program