We are requesting each member’s basic organizational information to gather valuable industry statistics for the Chicago area. Increased data about the dance sector will help Audience Architects more fully understand the dance industry’s economic impact, and advocate for support. Your participation will enable Audience Architects to more accurately articulate the scope of the Chicago dance field to funders, government agencies, and other professional networks around the country. This year, in addition to collecting demographic data, we are also asking members to provide feedback on our programs and services. This is part of our strategic planning process and will inform decisions about our services in the future. Thank you for your participation!

* Please provide your contact information

* In which season do you typically perform/produce shows?

* Are you touring in the coming year?

* If you are touring in the coming year, please list venue location(s) including city and state:

* Please name a program or activity that best reflects your community outreach, engagement, or education work in Chicago. Please provide a URL if possible.

* Why did you become an AARCH member? Please select all that apply.

* Please select the 5 most important AARCH programs your organization values.

* Based on your above selection, please state your MOST valued AARCH program, and why you feel this program is the most important offering.

* Based on your above selection, please state your LEAST valued AARCH program, and why you feel this program is the least important offering.

* What website additions would you find beneficial on SeeChicagoDance.com?

* Have you attended an Audience Architects Dance Community Convening or Workshop in the past 12 months?

* What impacts your participation in AARCH gatherings (Convenings, Moving Dialogs, other workshops, holiday parties)

* Are there any other programs or services you would like to see Audience Architects offer to members in the future?

* As an advocate for Chicago dance, are there any critical issues or topics that you would like to have Audience Architects address or provide more information on in the future?