1. Club DC Medical and Liability Release Form

1. Parents please read and agree to the following -

I understand that accidents and injuries can arise out of participation in this activity. Knowing and completely understanding the risks, I nonetheless wish to have my child participate in the activity. Accordingly, I agree to assume the risk of damage or injury. I further agree to fully release and hold harmless Expedition History Inc., Club DC, and its agents, directors, officers, employees, and volunteers (collectively, the “Released Parties”) for injury or loss that might occur due to alleged negligence of one or more of the Released Parties.

I further understand that if our child’s behavior becomes such that his/her participation will negatively disrupt the group, our child will be placed on a flight home, we will be responsible for meeting the plane ourselves or arrange for someone to do so, and we will be financially responsible for any and all costs incurred returning the child. When such a decision is to be made, the trip leaders will be in contact with the listed parent/guardian prior to final action. 

This authorization and waiver of claims shall remain effective during the excursion to Washington D.C., and the environs beginning March 22, 2018 and terminating upon return to Fullerton unless sooner revoked in writing and delivered to said agent(s).

The completion of the form requires I disclose all known medical conditions of my child. Any know or documented medical condition within the past fours years is required to be listed. Failure to disclose any known medical condition, allergic reaction, disability or physical limitation that may endanger the life or impact the well-being of the child while on this activity, will result in removal from the trip and program. Loss of deposit and final payment may result. Additional medical release and documentation may be required from a medical professional based on severity of the disclosure.

All medical information and disclosures are confidential. Basic information and allergies will be known to the adult volunteers charged with the care and safety of your child. Disclosures of sensitive medical conditions, disability or physical limitation will be known only to trip leaders, Michael and Kristi Hernandez. Some disclosers may be known to other adults as required to ensure safety of the child.