Thank you for taking this SADAG survey to help us to better understand mental illness and related Medical Aid benefits. Your responses will help us to discuss and advocate for better mental healthcare support from Medical Aids. Please note that by taking part in this survey, you consent to the use of your responses for this purpose. We do not need your name at all: you can be completely anonymous.

Please take this quick survey ONLY if you are a Medical Aid member AND have utilised your medical aid benefits FOR MENTAL HEALTHCARE in the last 12 months.

* 1. Are you:

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. Which population group would you say you belong to?

* 4. Which province do you live in?

* 5. Which Medical Aid are you a member of?

* 6. Are you on the top, medium or lowest medical aid plan?

* 7. Are you:

* 8. How would you rate your level of TOTAL HOUSEHOLD income?

* 9. Who diagnosed you with a mental illness?

* 10. What was the diagnosis that you received? (Tick as many as apply)

* 11. Please tell us who has treated you FOR MENTAL ILLNESS in the last 12 months? (Tick as many as apply)

* 12. How long have you been receiving treatment for this illness / disorder?

* 13. How many visits does your Medical Aid allow to each of the following per year FOR MENTAL ILLNESSES / DISORDERS:

* 14. Does your treatment include medication?

* 15. Did your Medical Aid cover the cost of the medication?

* 16. Does your treatment include face-to-face psychotherapy / counseling sessions?

* 17. Did your Medical Aid cover the cost of the face-to-face counseling sessions?

* 18. Have you been hospitalized for a mental illness in the last year?

* 19. If you have been hospitalised for a mental illness in the last year, how long did you stay in hospital?

* 20. If you have been hospitalised for a mental illness in the last year, where were you hospitalized?

* 21. If you were hospitalised in a GOVERNMENT hospital or clinic FOR A MENTAL ILLNESS in the last year, please tell us why?

* 22. Does your Medical Aid make provision for chronic treatment for the mental illness / disorder that you suffer from?

* 23. Prior to claiming from your mental healthcare benefits, did you enquire about the limitations of your benefits from your Medical Aid?

* 24. Did your Medical Aid explain how Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) will affect your claims?

* 25. Have you ever been UNABLE to access mental healthcare treatment or medication due to EXCLUSIONS stipulated by your Medical Aid?

* 26. Have you ever been UNABLE to access mental healthcare treatment or medication due to LIMITATIONS IN THE AMOUNT COVERED by your Medical Aid?

* 27. If you have been denied access to treatment due to limitations in your medical aid benefits, or if you had to wait for a specified period of time before being allowed to access your benefits, please tell us how this affected you?

* 28. If you have ever received mental healthcare treatment WITHOUT the financial support of your Medical Aid, please tell us how you covered the cost of your treatment?

* 29. Do you think that your Medical Aid enables you to receive all of the financial support that you need to manage your mental illness / disorder?

* 30. Have you ever contacted your Medical Aid helpline about mental healthcare via telephone or E-mail?

* 31. Were they helpful and informative?

* 32. Did they respond to your E-mail or return your call if they promised to?

* 33. Have you ever decided to send a formal complaint about your mental healthcare benefits to your Medical Aid?

* 34. Have you ever laid a complaint with the Council for Medical Schemes?

If you are still experiencing problems related to your mental healthcare benefits and need help resolving these, please email Zane at