Maker Educator Boot Camp is a four-day professional development experience for classroom teachers, informal educators and museum professionals who seek a deep understanding of the philosophy and practice of making.

Developed through years of experience and research in the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh's MAKESHOP, Boot Camp emphasizes that maker education is about more than a space and the right tools. Participants will explore the processes, materials, and approach of successful maker education and the means to bring these back to their classroom or learning center.


All Maker Educator Boot Camps are designed to be four-day experiences, with each day running from 9am to 4pm. Participants are expected to plan their schedules in order to attend the entirety of the professional development.

All events will be held at Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, on Pittsburgh's historic North Side:

10 Children's Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15207

This experience is valued at $900/person. Questions? Email pd@pittsburghkids.org

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The June 20-23, 2017 Maker Educator Boot Camp is now at capacity.

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Children's Museum of Pittsburgh will invoice your institution for your participation. Please include the name, address, and contact information for the person to whom the invoice should be submitted. By filling out this form, you acknowledge the veracity of this information, and your authorization to provide it.

Maker Educator Boot Camp's four day professional development is valued at $900 per person. We do recommend attending with another representative of your institution, be it a teacher, librarian, administrator or other, so that you can continue to support each others' efforts and implementations.

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