Is your Operations Department managed proactively?

This questionnaire asks a series of Yes or No questions that relate to factors regarding your use of information to measure operations and how that information is used.  These factors are indicative of how effectively information is gathered and used throughout your organization.  The variety of information systems and monitoring systems available to firms - including advanced TMS and Electronic Logging - have the potential to provide a vast amount of data regarding your operation.  That data, however, is only of value if it is gathered and used effectively, and is consistently and coherently applied throughout your organization.  Your use of information is one factor that is predictive of your success as an organization.

The correct answer to each question should be YES.  If you would like to discuss any of these factors and how they relate to your business, please feel free to contact Trincon Group at 614-442-0590 for a free, no obligation consultation.

* 1. Do you measure revenue-per-operating truck (less fuel charge) on a daily basis?

* 2. Do measure the number of trucks operating each day?

* 3. Are you able to measure gross-margin in addition to revenue on a daily basis?

* 4. Does your Operating System (TMS) have live entry of orders and driver dispatch?

* 5. Do you have a Planner, (seperate from Customer Service or Driver Management), that pre-plans order/truck assignments to maximize truck utilization?

* 6. Is your operating system order data complete and accurate at the end of each transaction?

* 7. Are your trucks pre-planned and assigned to new loads 12 hours in advance of their current destination 95% of the time?

* 8. Do you have Customer Service Reps that accept orders and manage customer relationships, and seperate Driver Managers who control trucks and drivers?

* 9. Do your Operations personnel receive incentives based on truck productivity?

* 10. Do you have, or are you evaluating, some type of “on-board” truck satellite communication system?

* 11. Do you enforce ”Pre-trip” inspections of trucks and trailers by drivers?

* 12. Are your company trucks using Electronic Logs?

* 13. Would you like a free, no obligation consultation on this issue?