Background and Purpose
The Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) has requested a Stakeholder Innovation Group (SIG) be formed to facilitate the sharing and development of stakeholder ideas that can accelerate health system transformation efforts in support of the state’s All-Payer Model and the progression toward the Enhanced Total Cost of Care Model. Fundamental to this work is the development of an inventory of current innovative care redesign/payment initiatives. Once collected and assessed, innovations may be spread and could inform the potential for broader adoption of new programs under Maryland’s model. The goal is to create a baseline inventory of current efforts and measure progress toward the state’s stated goals in the Enhanced Total Cost of Care Model over time.

Guidance on Submitting Your Innovative Programs
We are interested in receiving submissions from a wide range of hospitals, health systems, clinicians, and their partners. Consider submitting what you see as a handful of your most innovative programs focused on improving population health and reducing costs. These programs may be part of national initiatives (e.g., Accountable Care Organizations) or may be "home grown." We are interested in programs that have an associated payment model, as well as those that do not. We anticipate that most programs will have been developed since the start of the All Payer Model in 2014, but innovative programs that have been in place longer are also of interest.