Thank you for submitting your grant request for the 2017 Grant Cycle.

Please read the following instructions CAREFULLY.  

The Mid-Del Public Schools Foundation's Excellence in Education grant program was established in 2014 to fund classroom and collaborative education projects that encourage and promote students' ingenuity and imagination, or that inspire excellence and innovation in the classroom and school setting and create positive impact in learning and instruction.  

Grants are due by 5:00 PM, Wednesday, October 25, 2017.   Awards will be made in November 2017.  

Classroom or Collaborative Projects

The Mid-Del Public Schools Foundation will accept applications for grants in two categories:
     1.  Individual Classroom grants--up to $750.  These are grant projects that will benefit one classroom.
     2.  Collaborative grants--up to $2500.  These are projects that promote student learning and participation through a school-wide or collaborative teaching program that incorporates multiple classrooms, grades or course disciplines, or engages partner schools.

Teachers, counselors and principals at all Mid-Del schools are encouraged to submit an application.  Classroom and collaborative grants are welcome in any subject area. 

Applicants are permitted to submit one classroom application and one collaborative project application. However, the individual grant project must be separate and unrelated to the collaborative proposal.  Multiple teachers/administrators should NOT submit multiple applications for the same collaborative project.  

All funds granted by Mid-Del Public Schools Foundation are to be used exclusively for the program listed in the grant application.  Grants must be used within the 2017-2018 school year.  

Grant Application Review Process
Grant applications are reviewed annually by the Mid-Del Public Schools Foundation Allocations Committee. Funding decisions are made based on the quality of the applicant's program and the impact on students' learning. The Mid-Del Public Schools Foundation reserves the right to accept or reject any application and to approve or disapprove any proposal for funding.  

1.  You will NOT be able to save changes to this online form, so please click through each section and make note of questions.  You can type answers in a separate Microsoft Word document and then cut and paste them into the appropriate section once you are ready to input answers and submit the application.  You may request a copy of the questions to be emailed to you by sending a request to:
2.  This is a BLIND application process.  NO application will be considered if any identifying information, including the name of the applicant(s), the name of the school(s) or the name of the principal(s) appear anywhere in the application except the cover page. 
3.  Grants will only be awarded for a project that is not the Mid-Del Public School District's responsibility to support.