* 1. Please indicate the category that best reflects your position:

* 2. The 2017 Student Success Summit met the following objectives.  

1) Provide college practitioners with an opportunity to connect with peers at other institutions
2) Create a venue for practitioners and partners to have a dialogue about student success
3) Offer presentations on emerging and promising innovations around student success
4) Provide an update on the direction and activities Michigan Center for Student Success

* 3. The Student Success Summit was well organized.

* 4. The keynote address by Dr. Alison Kadlec was effective at setting the context for the Summit.

* 5. The breakfast plenary address by David Baime from AACC was a valuable overview of federal policy issues that impact community colleges.

* 6. What spotlight session did you attend on Friday, September 29th?

* 7. The information presented in the spotlight session was useful to my college/organization.

* 8. How satisfied were you with the selection of discussion sessions at the Summit?

* 9. What was the best breakout session you attended at the Summit?

* 10. Overall, how useful to your college/organization was the information presented at the Summit?

* 11. Overall, how satisfied were you with the Summit?

* 12. Please share one thing you learned at the Summit that you will implement on your campus.

* 13. Please share any additional comments.