MCSE Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Medina County Sanitary Engineers (MCSE) strives to provide the best customer service possible, therefore, we are seeking your feedback on ways we can improve overall customer satisfaction. We have created an online survey which we hope you will take the time to complete. Click the link(s) below to be directed to survey questions to provide feedback on the many areas of the MCSE's customer interaction.

If you do not have internet access to complete the survey online, please pick up a paper copy at either the Permit Department or the Billing Department counters located in the MCSE Engineering Building, 791 W. Smith Road, Medina, Ohio, 44256. If you prefer to receive a printable version of the survey, please send your request by email to, or call the MCSE main phone (330) 723-9585.

Thank you for your time and attention in completing the survey to assist the MCSE in continued efforts to improvement customer service.

* 1.  How often do you interact with the MCSE?

* 2.  How do you access information related to the MCSE? Please select all that apply

* 3.  How do you communicate with the MCSE? Please select all that apply.

* 4.  Are you the? Please select all that apply.

* 5.  Did MCSE's representative.....? (Please select all that apply)

* 6.  How many times did you have to contact the MCSE before the problem was resolved?

* 7.  Overall, how satisfied are you with the level of service received?

* 8.  If you were less than totally satisfied, please explain what could have been done to serve you better.

* 9.  If you were very satisfied and would like to share your experience, please do so below.

* 10.  Is there anything else you would like to share with our Department?

* 11.  Would you like a follow up discussion with an MCSE staff member?  If yes, please complete the information below: