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* 1. Please think how you learned this section. What did you find to be helpful? Please tick all that apply.

* 2. Please list the top 5 concepts that you learned in this module.

* 3. What concepts pose(d) difficulties for you? Please discuss, and also how you solved the difficulty if you did.

* 4. What two relations do you use for pressure coefficient, to determine the critical Mach number of an airfoil?

* 5. How does knowing the incompressible-flow pressure distribution help in determining the critical Mach number?

* 6. Why does the supersonic flow region above an airfoil beyond critical Mach number stay confined to a small region?

* 7. What is a lambda shock, and how is it formed?

* 8. In a Mach 2 flow, what is the limiting sweep angle dividing the zone of "supersonic leading edge" from "subsonic leading edge"?

* 9. How is the Drag Divergence Mach number different from the Critical Mach number?

* 10. What happens to the pitching moment on an airfoil, at a given angle of attack, as it accelerates from below the critical Mach number, through to fully supersonic flow? Explain from physical reasoning.