Germantown Spirit of Service Day: Red Wiggler Farm

Montgomery College is seeking ten Germantown students to participate in a Spirit of Service Day at Red Wiggler Community Farm on Friday, October 8th from 9:15am - 12:00pm.

Red Wiggler is a sustainable farm where people with and without developmental disabilities come together to work, learn, and grow healthy food. You will learn about the Mission of Red Wiggler Farm and support in a fall harvest.

Students must have their own transporation to and from Red Wiggler Farm. The address is 23400 Ridge Rd., Germantown, MD.

Students should arrive at 9:15am and work will begin promptly at 9:30, continuing until 12:00. 

Students are encouraged to pack a lunch to eat at the outdoor "farm lunch" from 12-1:00pm. MC will not provide lunch due to the COVID pandemic.

Red Wiggler Community Farm follows county guidelines regarding COVID-19. The full session will be outdoors, with the exception of if a participant needs to use the restroom. Participants should plan to either wear a face mask or maintain 6+ feet from others while working. Students who stay for lunch will be encouraged to maintain reasonable social distance while eating outside.

Students who apply will receive an email confirmation on or after September 24th. Students must confirm their participation, includinng completing a liability waiver, withing 3 days of receiving this confirmation email or their slot will be offered to another student.

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* 3. What campus(es) are you associated with?

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* 4. Do you have transportation to Red Wiggler Farm at 23400 Ridge Rd Germantown, MD to arrive at 9:15am on Friday, October 8th? (Please note, this is required to participate in this event.)

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* 5. How do you plan to arrive at the service site? (Ex: bus, drive your own vehicle, dropped off, other.)

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* 6. MC will email selected students a link to a liability waiver and final confirmation link between September 24th and the event date. In order to participate, you *MUST* complete the liability waiver and confirmation within 3 days of receiving this email. MC will offer slots to additional students if confirmation is not received within 3 days. MC is required to turn students away from the event if they are not fully regisitered, including completion of the liability waiver and confirmation email. 

Please type your name below to indicate you understand the terms of this application and that you will complete all necessary steps before coming to the event.

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