Greetings! Glad you stopped by. Want to know what you found out when you chatted with your professors about getting your Ph.D. If you think you want to become a researcher, then you need to pursue McNair. If we think you meet our program requirements based on the information below, we will contact you to set up a personal session ASAP. Thanks much and looking forward to meeting you.

* 1. Name.

* 2. Email.

* 3. Phone number (best).

* 4. Where are you from and how did you end up @ CMU?

* 5. Are you a first generation college student? This means that neither of your parents have received a bachelor's degree - they could have an associate's and/or attended some college though.

* 6. Do you receive a Pell grant? Even better, if you can somewhat easily get this information, what was your parent's TAXABLE income from last year's tax return and how many people are claimed on their tax form?

* 7. What is your ethnicity?

* 8. Key data.

* 9. How are you feeling about your major area of study and how/why did you decide on this particular area?

* 10. Describe your IDEAL career or job.

* 11. What kind of education do you require for your IDEAL career or job?

* 12. Describe your personality. What is unique about YOU?

Here's the Ph.D. Challenge part :)

* 13. Indicate the three faculty you spoke with and what you found out about why you might consider pursuing your Ph.D.

* 14. What are the top-three reasons you would want to pursue your Ph.D. based on the three conversations you had with faculty? Did you also talk about some of the realities/challenges? If so, please include.

* 15. Why do YOU PERSONALLY think you would like to get your Ph.D.? What area of study do you anticipate getting your Ph.D. in?

* 16. Have you been involved in any research to date? If so, please describe.

* 17. What kind of research are you interested in doing?

* 18. Please feel free to include any additional comments that would help us in determining whether you would be a good fit for the McNair program.

Thank you for your interest in the McNair Program!