1. Celebrating 15 Years of McMaster Scholars at Defiance College

Defiance College is surveying current and former students who participated in a McMaster Scholar initiative.  In 2018, we will celebrate 15 years of service learning and community-based research projects.  In planning for a celebration in fall 2018 (which you will be invited to), Defiance College is interested in your reflections on the McMaster Scholar program.

 Your participation in the survey is voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time without penalty.  If you have questions about the study you may direct the questions to mcmastersurvey@defiance.edu. 

* 1. What is your name? 

* 2. What year did you graduate from Defiance College? 

* 3. What was your major(s)?

* 4. Where are you currently employed? (Name employer)

* 5. What is your current title at this employer?

* 6. As you reflect back on preparing for the McMaster trip, did the pre-trip course prepare you for the experience?

* 7. Do you stay in touch with other fellow McMaster Scholars from trips? 

* 8. Do you stay in touch with faculty or staff from McMaster trips?

* 9. Did your understanding of the United States government change as a result of your trip?

* 10. If you answered Yes to Question 9, please state how it changed?

* 11. Did your research incorporate the context of your ground experience?

* 12. My project had impact on the community/community partner with whom I worked with?