1. Public Survey Purpose

The Mercer County Park Commission is developing a master plan for the Dam Site 21 property located in Robbinsville, Hamilton and West Windsor Townships.

In the early 1960’s Mercer County adopted the Assunpink Creek Watershed Water Works Plan. This Plan was a comprehensive approach for the reduction of flood damage and the development of water resources in the Assunpink Watershed.  In cooperation with the US Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service (SCS), Mercer County constructed a series of dams to mitigate area flooding. Dam Site 21 was one of those dam sites. 

The land was purchased in the late 1970’s to be held and used for permanent recreation and conservation of land and water resources. The Site is 370 acres, (including 4.5 acres on Hughes Drive in Hamilton purchased in 2017) and is located in Robbinsvile, West Windsor, and Hamilton Townships. The lake is approximately 55 acres and the remaining park land is comprised of undeveloped uplands, wetlands, woodlands and open fields.

Currently there is limited access and few amenities in the park, but the public uses the area for activities such as fishing and hiking. A portion of the Capital to The Coast Trail runs along the northern side of the lake from Line Road in Robbinsville to Old Trenton Road in West Windsor.

The Mercer County Park Commission is seeking input from County residents to design a unique passive recreational park and to provide the citizens of Mercer County the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of this special property. Generally, the County wishes to include water-based programming and activities that don’t presently exist at the County’s other lake facilities (Mercer Lake and Rosedale Lake).

You are invited to be a part of the planning and design process by taking park in this survey. Your thoughts about the site, as well as your recreational habits and preferences will be important to the planning process. The survey will require about 15 minutes to complete. The survey will be available on-line from March 1st, 2019 to Oct 1st, 2019.

Surveys are not identified by name and your response will be confidential. All responses will be compiled and be a part of the master plan report.

The survey is being conducted on behalf of  Mercer County Park Commission by master plan consultant Simone Collins Landscape Architecture. For additional information about the master plan, please contact Sarah Leeper, Project Manager, Simone Collins Landscape Architecture at 610-239-7601 or sleeper@simonecollins.com.