Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for the treatment condition of the study. If you would like to be considered to participate as a comparison / delayed treatment teacher please fill out the application at

Researchers at BSCS Science Learning and the University of California, Davis, with funding from the National Science Foundation (DRL-1813538) are working to understand how model-based teaching helps students achieve the vision laid out in the Next Generation Science Standards. Participating teachers will receive professional development and access to instructional materials to support a full-year of high school biology instruction (either general bio or earth-integrated) either this summer (2021) or in summer 2022. We are seeking teachers to serve as either treatment or comparison teachers in the 2021-22 academic year.

Treatment teachers will be expected to use the Model-Based Biology or Earth-integrated Biology curriculum provided by the project and comparison teachers will be asked to use their current curriculum. For teachers in both conditions, researchers from UC Davis and BSCS will assist teachers in obtaining consent from students in their classrooms who will then take periodic content and attitudinal assessments. Observations will occur at least once in the 2021-22 academic year and participants may be asked to submit classroom video (collected with our support and assistance). We will also expect participating teachers to keep a lesson log, fill out periodic surveys, and participate in 2-3 thirty-minute interviews.

In acknowledgment of participant time and effort the project will award a stipend of at least $1,500. Stipends will be paid upon completion of the study and all associated activities.

Instructions: Please answer each of the questions in this online application fully and accurately. We will need both your online application and the Principal Signature Form (provided by email after submitting this application) before we can review your application in full. 

Please contact Jeffrey Snowden ( if you have any questions. 

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