Maynard Downtown Temporary Street Improvement Project

We hope you've enjoyed this temporary project to make downtown Maynard's streets more walkable and bike-friendly!  Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback on ways to make 

In May the Town of Maynard, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), engaged  the community on ways to make the downtown more walkable and bike-friendly.  The conversation yielded a number of short-term and long-term opportunities that can improve safety, provide community amenities and enliven the downtown.

Temporary Pilot Project
Based on community input, the downtown streets of Main Street, Nason Street, and Summer Street  will feature temporary traffic configurations that will demonstrate how they could be redesigned to be more welcoming to all users.  The temporary configuration will be made of moveable materials and will include elements such as curb extensions, bike lanes, and other features promoting non-automobile oriented circulation throughout downtown.  The feedback gained from the program will help Maynard determine what future improvements residents would like to see occur in their community.

* 1. Did you visit downtown Maynard during the temporary street improvement installation?

Please tell us if you liked the following temporary improvements

* 2. Curb extension at Nason Street and Summer Street

* 3. Bicycle lane on Nason Street

* 4. Parklet on Main Street

* 5. Bike lane on Main Street

* 6. Removed left lane on Main Street at Summer Street

* 7. Bike lane and bike box

* 8. Curb extension on Summer Street at Theater

* 9. Any Other Comments or Suggestions?