Instructional Kitchen Information

Steakhouse Favorites, Southern Comfort, Under the Sea, Pastries and Desserts, and Brunch are all cooking class themes that have been covered in the instructional cooking classes hosted by the Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) Graduate and Professional committee. These instructional kitchen classes offer student participants a hands on experience in which they view a demonstration of the menu for the evening and then collaborate with students assigned to their group to execute the recipes themselves. The cooking class series is about engaging the student participants in a fun, interactive environment where they are able to create and share the pleasures of great food.

The instructional kitchen courses align strongly with the mission of the Ohio Union Activities Board. The organization strives to provide a diverse array of programs which are educational, entertaining, and thought provoking. The classes are taught by our experienced chef instructor, who has passions for cooking, teaching, and the mix of the two. These courses focus on providing students with cooking techniques, technical skills, and the knowledge of composing a balanced meal. These classes strive not just to give students a one-time meal, but to provide them a knowledge base they can utilize in their everyday life.

Through the cooking class experiences, students have found ways of connecting with students among and between different graduate and professional programs. Furthermore, students have been exposed to the depth and breadth of the culinary arts.

Due to the nature of these Instructional Kitchen Courses children are not permitted in the kitchen. If interested in Family Friendly cooking classes, please visit the OUAB website and click on Family Programming.

In order to participate in the Cooking Class series, it is required for you to wear close-toed shoes and clothing that fully covers your legs.