1. The Power of Connection: What Research on ACEs, Neurobiology, and Resilience Tells Us

The Power of Connection: What Research on ACEs, Neurobiology, and Resilience Tells Us presented by Kristi Slette, Lisa Moulds and Geof Morgan.

Experience during development – whether nurturing or toxic – affects the well-being of children and adults.  Our health, relationships, self-regulation, and on-the-job and school performance link to our childhood exposure and responses to adversity. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Study findings are one of the largest public health discoveries of our time. ACEs reliably predict population mental, physical and behavioral health and many social and environmental challenges.  This training helps parents as well as professionals across human and social services, law enforcement, corrections, education, and health care understand child, adolescent and human behavior with a focus on developing resilience in community.

Brain science explains the biologic pathways that make ACEs so powerful. What’s predictable is preventable – this training will introduce a common language and understanding and develop capacity to continuously improve practice in ways that are informed by current brain science and resilience research findings. 

Our every-day actions matter for preventing ACEs and moderating their effects. Participants will learn about the progressive nature of adversity – and about promoting resilience and creating transformative and sustainable change.

The Whatcom Family & Community Network (WFCN) hosts this 3-hour training on ACEs research and the power of resilience to mitigate the effects of early trauma.

Thursday, May 4, 2017 from 8:45-11:45AM at Community Food Co-op Healthy Connections Building Classroom (405 E Holly Street, Suite 103) - across the street from the Downtown store in the Downtown Bakery.

A suggested donation of $20 may be made by check or cash at the door or via paypal from http://www.wfcn.org\donate 
Registration is limited to 40 people due to room size.

Wear comfortable clothes.  Light refreshments, coffee, tea and water will be served.

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