1. Course Evaluation

* 1. Why did you sign up for this course?

* 2. The overall objective of the course was to give you a broad overview and appreciation of materials, their importance in today’s technological society, and the role of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).

  Strongly Disagree Disagree No Opinion Agree Strongly Agree Don't Know
The objective stated above was achieved
I enjoyed the format of the course

* 3. What did you like MOST about the course?

* 4. What did you like LEAST about the course?

* 5. What changes, if any, would you suggest in the course presentation?

* 6. What is your intended major?

* 7. Having completed this course, would you consider enrolling in Materials Science & Engineering?

* 8. Would you like to receive more information about Materials Science and Engineering?

* 9. Please rank each of the Lectures and Laboratory Demonstrations on a scale from 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent) by checking the appropriate box.

  1 (Poor) 2 3 (Average) 4 5 (Excellent) Don't Know
[Lecture] The Stuff of Dreams: Intro. to Materials Science & Engineering (Dr. Caroline Schauer)
[Lecture] Materials Science and Engineering in Society (Dr. James Rondinelli)
[Lecture] The Body Synthetic: Biomaterials in YOU (Dr. Michele Marcolongo)
[Lecture] The Pyramids and Materials Science (Mr. Abraham Crook)
[Lecture] Meeting with Materials Science and Engineering Students
[Lab] MicroCT/TEM
[Lab] Mech. Testing
[Lab] Polymers
[Lab] Liq. Crystal, etc.
[Lab] Ceramics
[Lab] Biomaterials

* 10. Did the Bar-B-Q on Wednesday evening add to the experience?

* 11. Other Comments?