* 1. Please provide contact information

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. What is your current residency status in the country you presently live in?

* 4. What are the 5 key elements/factors/things that you look for if you were running your own home-based business

* 5. During a regular week, how do you choose to spend your time? Please put the number of hours beside each activity.  0 for zero hours spent.

* 6. If you spend time doing personal development, can you elaborate what do you?

* 7. In the next 6 months, how would you like to spend your time?  (Please rank the order of how you wish to spend your time, with 1 - being top priority and 8 - being the lowest priority)

* 8. What are your top 3 priorities in your plans of the following year?

* 9. Are you happy with your current living circumstances?

* 10. How much monthly income do you need to live a happy lifestyle of your choice?  In Canadian currency.

* 11. What 3 social media platforms do you use the most?

* 12. Have you used any social media platforms to earn income

* 13. Have you ever thought of starting your own business?

* 14. Have you ever participated in any form of business (online or traditional)? Please check one.

* 15. How much money are you comfortable to invest in and start your OWN NEW business?  In Canadian currency.

* 16. If you were able to invest and start your own business, with your current schedule, how much time can you commit per week to this new project?  Please check one box.

* 17. Have you ever marketed or participated in selling a product or service for a living?  Please check one.

* 18. What are the 3 key factors/benefits that you seek from a company to get started?

* 19. What are the 3 key elements for you to stay committed at least for 1 year?

For the question 21, the following statements referring to health supplements includes nutritional supplements and excludes sports enhancing supplements such as protein powder, BCAA, beta-alanine, creatine, etc.

* 20. Say how much you agree or disagree with the following statements

  Strongly Disagree Disgaree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
I have an understanding of the benefit of health supplements
I believe the benefits of health supplements but I do not consume them
I am a regular user of health supplements
I eat health with organic and natural foods
I know health supplements create a difference for my heath

* 21. What do you aim to make on an hourly basis?

* 22. If you are selected for a one-on-one meeting, provide two available date/time slot for scheduling.

* 23. If you are selected for a one-on-one meeting, would you prefer in-person or online web meeting?

* 24. Can you provide the name or contact (email/phone number) of the team member from the MMA club who referred you towards this questionnaire?

* 25. Additional comments or information that you wish to share to help us understand your areas of strength and weakness.

Thank you.  We look forward in hearing back from you with a completed questionnaire.