Introduction & Directions

Masculine or Feminine?

Use this quick 15 question quiz to determine if your sexual essence is primarily masculine (yang), feminine (yin) or neutral. If you're like the majority who take the quiz, you just might be surprised!  


When you answer these questions, it's important that you imagine yourself and your life in a way that 

·      You feel totally safe

·      There is no chance you'll feel hurt, judged or criticized.
·      Everything that happens makes you happy.

When you answer from this place, your score will represent your authentic sexual essence nature of masculine or feminine energy.

For each question, simply pick the answer that feels truest for you. If you are in a relationship, it might be good to reflect on your dating days when you answer. 

To be of the greatest service to yourself, respond to each statement as honestly as possible. In most cases, it's best to go with your first instinct. Do not skip questions or your score will be inaccurate.


Joanna Shakti

The Soul Love Mentor

P.S. Remember after taking the quiz, check your inbox right away. You’ll receive your score and some important next step recommendations, based on your results.

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