Iowa Public Television is in the planning process for a nationwide initiative to create quality, in-depth agricultural education resources for our nation’s classrooms. The IPTV team will be creating a series of web-based curriculum resources related to topics and themes introduced within the nationally syndicated television program, Market to Market, produced by IPTV and reaching more than 70% of non-metro, farming-dependent counties nationwide.

By leveraging the timely and relevant content of the weekly Market to Market program, this project will build upon core subject content and emphasize the skills, knowledge and expertise today’s students must master to compete globally and become successful 21st century citizens. These resources will be freely available on the Market to Market website (, through online education repositories like PBS LearningMedia (, and syndicated through content-sharing sites like YouTube.

The project will target students in grade 9-12 nationally, and will connect with learning outcomes in the subject areas of agriculture, science, math, social studies, language arts and others. The purpose of this survey is to identify curriculum needs, relevant student characteristics, and high-interest content connections to the themes covered in Market to Market programs. Thank you for taking a few minutes to share your insights.

* 1. What grade level(s) do you currently teach: (Check all that apply)

* 2. What subject(s) do you currently teach: (Check all that apply)

* 3. There are a variety of topics that will be considered for this project. Please rate the following themes by interest and need for your classroom curriculum. Add any comments below.

  Highly interested Somewhat interested Not at all interested
Engineering & innovation (highlighting the science and engineering thinking and processes involved in ag innovations)
Sectors of the food, energy, and manufacturing industries (producers, processors, transportation, retailers, consumers)
Health, nutrition and food safety (food system safety, issues in food and health policy)
Agricultural and manufacturing lifecycle (inputs/supply chain, outputs, trade routes, etc.)
Rural issues (changes in rural states and small-town America, strengths, threats, weaknesses)
Commodities markets and futures trading (fundamentals of market analysis)
Entrepreneurship (profiles of small business owners, innovators, skills required of a business owner, making a business plan)
Role of government (policy, regulation, supports, taxes, trade, tariffs, etc.)
History of agriculture (methods, products, government policies, etc.)
Global issues (distribution, hunger, global trade, global economic markets)
Environmental stewardship & conservation
Careers in agriculture, STEM, business

* 4. Considering the types of topics above, what are your greatest needs for media-based resources for your classroom? Think about concepts that are particularly difficult for your students, and/or key concepts for which no quality resources currently exist.

* 5. Please share a few resources you currently use to support these subjects in your classroom (by title or URL). What are the good and bad characteristics of these resources?

* 6. Are there particular characteristics of your students we should take into account (interests, motivations, prior knowledge/experiences, attitude towards subject, experience with technology, etc.)?

* 7. What types of instructional approaches are most effective in your classroom?

  This is a highly effective approach in my classroom I use this approach sometimes with some success This has not been effective in my classroom I do not use this approach
Real-world problem solving
Career connections and exploration
Project-based learning
Interdisciplinary projects
Collaborative learning
Teacher-led discussion
Student independent study
Community-member/Guest lecture
Field trips/site visits

* 8. What types of digital media do you use in your classroom?

* 9. If you would like to participate in future research efforts (pilot tests, focus groups, etc.) and receive updates about this project, please share your contact information below:

Thank you for taking the time to help inform Iowa Public Television's educational services. If you have additional questions or comments about the Market to Market in the Classroom project, please contact us at:

  • Bryan Bauer, Project Manager for Educational Media,, 515-242-5424
  • Twitter: @markettomarket, @iptveducation
  • Facebook: