We need your help! The ocean is vast and ever-changing, which makes maintaining up-to-date full coverage maps difficult.

There are thousands of recreational boat journeys every day, in areas where our seafloor maps could be vastly improved. Ideally we would like to take advantage of these voyages by passively collecting critical seafloor data from recreational vessels, allowing boaters to enjoy their journeys while also contributing to our understanding of our own coastal waters.

Recreational mariners are key participants in this exciting program, so we need your feedback about how we could create the most efficient and accommodating data collection system.

If you could take a few moments (less than 10 minutes) to participate with this short survey, we will be one step closer to mobilizing seafarers in every harbor of the U.S. to efficiently collect data that creates up-to-date maps of the seafloor.

10% of survey complete.