Public Procurement (PP) is estimated to constitutes approximately 20% of GDP in India and hence is crucial for Economy and Governance. Government of India, in partnership with The World Bank is undertaking an assessment of its Public Procurement in Centre and States (CPWD being one of the Six Central level agencies under this assessment) to develop a road-map for a well-governed public procurement system that meets policy objectives, increases public trust, enhances well-being and builds more prosperous and inclusive societies. The study would also cover certain Public Sector entities and 5 States. This study would be done using the World Bank’s Methodology for Assessment of Procurement System (MAPS II).

Bidders and Contactors are important stakeholders in Public Procurement and expect transparency, fairness and level playing field. Therefore, your viewpoint would be an important input in this project. Your inputs are solicited in the form of the following questionnaire which will take around 10-15 mins of your time. Your identity and exact inputs would be kept confidential and not shared with the following State/ entity, and only summarised statistics would be used. We thank you for your co-operation.

You may contact the World Bank consultant in case of any difficulty:

Name:          Vikram Rajvanshi

Telephone:  +91 9810278304


Question Title

1. Name of your Company/ Division/ Department and Name of person filling this response?

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2. CPWD Construction Zone with which you deal mostly?

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3. Which Category of Contracts do you usually bid for?

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4. Which category of Enterprise are you (as registered with appropriate authorities/ industries department) w.r.t. MSME/ Companies Act?