An Introduction;

The Mama Complex Collective Family acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which we dance, perform and create. We would like to extend our deepest respect and gratitude to the Elders past, present and emerging. We extend this respect and acknowledgment to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and wish to welcome you to our family

Thank you for your expression of interest in this exciting show! Please read this lil blurb carefully before proceeding. 

The Mamma Complex Collective Variety Show is a brand new performance night that we hope will become a regular fixture.

Seeking to dismantle the toxic narratives society perpetuates around humans and parenthood, this is a night of song, dance, drag, poetry, story telling, mixed visual art, social commentary and above all else; raw honest truth.

Parenthood, the trials and tribulations and the social commentary around it is a conversation that affects us all at some point or another. Regardless of gender, but particularly for our AFAB humans, the pressure/stigmas and stereotypes around this topic are pervasive.

From the original Madonna/Whore Complex, expectations placed on women to have children, toxic masculinity/patriarchal rules placing different rules on fatherhood, children in the queer community, the “correct” way to be a mother, toxic positivity around discussions on parenthood, judgement for not wanting children, silence and stigma around topics like miscarriage and infertility, how your cultural background affects your parenting or relationship with children.... the list goes on. Children, when we have them, if we have them and how we have them..... the discussion alone is huge, often loaded and it needs to be given space.

Every story deserves to be heard. All genders. All backgrounds. All experiences. When approached safely, there is no story that should be suppressed; contrary to what society tells us.

Do you have a story to tell? This show is for you!

Please note; before you apply, above all else we seek to create a safe space for performers, crew and audience. We have an on-site counsellor, the show will be carefully curated and content/trigger warnings managed. We hope to have the show Auslan interpreted and as accessible as possible. We are seeking to create a safe place where we can facilitate as many humans as possible. 

We are going to have fun, entertain, move people and start a discussion without judgement. 

If this all sounds like a bit of you.... apply within! 


Applications for Sydney May 8th Close Sunday 11th April 
Applications for Canberra May 28th/29th Close Sunday 18th April 

Charlie Wan - Producer 

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* 3. Tell me a little about yourself and why this show interests you!

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* 4. Do you have an act/performance you would like to bring to the show? Please note there is a time limit of 5 mins (8mins at an absolute push). Tell me a bit more about the act; what performance medium do use, have you performed it before etc etc. 

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* 5. What can we do as producers to make the act go as smoothly as possible and primarily keep yourself, other performers and our audience safe? (Include information about trigger warnings, any previous issues you have had when you performed it before, special lighting effects needed etc) 

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* 6. The show will be a paid opportunity and we will confirm your exact fee when we have locked in our line up! However, are there any further expenses you would need to take into account to enable you to participate in the show comfortably? eg; transport or accommodation for interstate travelers.

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* 7. What is your best email address?

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* 11. Finally, do you have any questions for me/our team? 

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