Making a Difference

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* 1. As you observe the news and world happenings, are you optimistic about the future?

* 2. Among current issues, which concern you most?

  This is a lesser priority for me While important, I cannot do anything to change this problem This issue is important and I want to take action to help This is a personal priority; I want to be actively involved in resolving
Hunger and malnutrition
Illiteracy and poor education
Lack of clean, healthy water
Conflict between religious groups
Lack of adequate health care services
Resettling refugees
Suffering in a disaster/emergency
War between and within nations
Victim-offender reconciliation
Conflict between groups of people
The need for Christian evangelism
Environmental concerns, including global warming
Institutional racism and sexism

* 3. What are the best and most realistic ways you can make a difference in today's world?

  My personal preference Acceptable way of helping Not preferred Unacceptable
Give directly to those in need
Support a secular organization that is active in issues that matter to me
Provide support through my denominational agencies
Provide support though my local congregation
Support a faith-based agency that addresses concerns that matter to me
Volunteer to help in my local community
Volunteer for short-term global ministry
Long-term volunteer work
Pay my fair share of taxes and encourage responsible government policies
Participate in local activities that support worthy causes

* 4. How effectively do the following provide aid and assistance to meet human need?

  Very effective Somewhat effective Somewhat ineffective Very ineffective
Government programs
Private enterprise
Local churches
Denominational mission and aid agencies
Mennonite Central Committee
Other faith-based organizations (share names below)

* 5. When you consider support (time and money), is it important that the organization you give to be Christ-centered?

* 6. When meeting human needs, and working for peace and justice, it is important to explicitly share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

* 9. In the future, will organizations that combine financial and volunteer resources to deliver aid, education and development be more needed than today?

* 10. Do you prefer to give to a general fund that allows the organization to designate where funds are needed OR to a specific project with needs that interest you? (Please select one.)

* 11. If you made decisions about key priorities for a human service organization, what would your list include?

  Definitely yes Probably yes Probably no Definitely no
Systemic issues of society, such as world poverty, hunger, education, and health issues
Issues and needs in local communities
Peace and justice initiatives
Emergency and disaster relief
Leadership development
Human needs and countries that get little media attention

* 12. When you support an organization, which of the following are your preferences?

  Definitely yes Somewhat yes Neutral Somewhat no Definitely no
Knowing that I can trust that the organization uses resources wisely to serve need
Knowing the specific stories of people and places my dollars are supporting
Receiving feedback about how my support is being used and its impact
Being connected to projects that are implemented over a long period of time
Supporting needs that are short-term and immediate

* 13. How do you want organizations to communicate with you?

  Agree Uncertain Disagree
Do not overwhelm me with electronic information -- email, blogs, Facebook posts, etc.
I appreciate and expect use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
It is important that communication be interactive, where there is a dialogue between me and the agency
The website is an important source of information
I value nicely done publications, such as magazines and newsletters
Regular mail is the best way to receive information
Communication through my church is important
I receive a growing amount of information electronically (computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.)

* 14. What words come to mind when you think of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)?

* 15. Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is a worldwide ministry of Anabaptist churches that shares God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. MCC envisions communities worldwide in right relationship with God, one another and creation.

How important is this mission in today's world?

* 16. How important are the following elements of MCC's mission statement?

  Very important Somewhat important Uncertain Somewhat unimportant Very unimportant
Have Anabaptist understandings
Sharing God’s love and compassion in the name of Christ
Working with and through churches
Responding to basic human needs
Working for peace and justice

* 17. Please "agree" or "disagree" with the following statements.

  Strongly agree Agree Uncertain Disagree Strongly disagree
I hope to be more supportive of MCC in five years than I am now
MCC comes first to mind when I consider how I can make a difference in the world

* 18. Other than MCC, what organizations with similar programs do you respect (and perhaps support)?

* 19. Mennonite Central Committee is distinctive because:

  Yes Maybe No Don't know
Reputation for integrity
Low administrative costs
Volunteer opportunities
Staying with projects for the long haul
Working with local partner organizations
Effectiveness of services provided
Anabaptist theology
Focus on peacebuilding
Ability to understand need and bring solutions
Christian faith
Connections with grassroots
Innovative programs
Anabaptist constituency
Program diversity

* 20. How effective is MCC in meeting the following areas of need?

  Very effective Somewhat effective Neutral Somewhat ineffective Very ineffective Don't know
Emergency aid and natural disasters
Sustainable community development
Providing economic opportunities
Water resources
Resettling refugees
Feeding hungry people
Resolving conflicts
Health care response
Local community needs and initiatives
Addressing environmental issues
Institutional sexism and racism
Supporting the work of the church around the world
Promoting alternative approaches to criminal justice

* 21. If MCC had scarce resources, on what FIVE areas should MCC focus?

* 22. In the last three years, how have you supported MCC? (Select all that apply.)

* 23. Are you more or less likely to donate money to MCC in the future?

* 24. Which MCC attributes must never change?

* 25. What must MCC change to maintain or gain your financial support?

* 26. In what country do you currently live?

* 27. If Canadian or US resident, in what province or state do you live?

* 28. What is your gender?

* 29. Hearing the perspectives of the diverse constituents MCC serves is important. Please identify the group/s that describe you.

* 30. How do you characterize your political leanings?

* 31. What is your age?

* 32. At this point in your life, do you have the financial resources to support your charitable interests?

* 33. Do you regularly attend church?

* 34. Of which church group are you a part?

* 35. What other helpful comments can you share--stories, suggestions, affirmations, concerns? Thanks for participating in this study.