Internet Connectivity

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Thank you for taking the time to help us understand your business needs for internet connectivity and workforce training. We appreciate the opportunity to gather a better understanding of the challenges businesses face in the Maine West region, which includes the towns in the Bethel area, Oxford Hills and River Valley.

* 1. What town/territory is your business located?

* 2. How important is the internet to your business? 0 being not important at all and 10 being extremely important:

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 3. I would increase my business revenue if... (check all that are applicable)

Thinking about the technology in your business (computers, software, etc.) Please answer the following questions:

* 4. Does your business have a network server?

* 5. Name of Operating System?

* 6. Do you use Cloud-Based Services that allow you to work more efficiently, share files easily or work from home?

* 7. Would you be interested in learning more about cloud-based services that might help your business?

* 8. How many Work Stations or Laptops at your business location?

* 9. Does your company have a Website?

* 10. If you have a Website, what is your Website address?

* 11. Does your company use its Domain for staff email addresses, meaning do you have customized email addresses that brand your business? (if applicable)

* 12. Does your company use a system that backs up files?

* 13. If so, what back-up system does your company use?

Thinking about your connection to, and use of, the internet, please answer the following questions:

* 14. Does your company use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)?

* 15. What does your business use the internet for? (check all that apply)

* 16. How important is improved internet service to your business now?

* 17. How important do you think improved internet service will be to your business in the next 1-2 years?

* 18. Over the past few years have internet speeds kept up with your business needs?

* 19. What are your current Upload and Download Speeds? To test for internet speed at your business location go to:

* 20. What type of broadband internet does your business have?

* 21. Who is your broadband provider?

* 22. What is the cost per month for your broadband internet service?

* 23. Does your business allow employees to telecommute? (work from home or another location)

* 24. If your employees telecommute, how does the technology work?