Have your say in Ireland's largest Cyber Security Awareness Survey .....

Awareness is key to ensuring your Business is Cyber Aware and Cyber Secure. How are you protecting your business and your brand, how do you compare to other businesses within your industry, do you know about new EU legislation, GDPR which will impact all businesses? Please take 6 minutes to complete this Nationwide Survey - be part of Ireland's largest Cyber Security Awareness Survey make sure your voice and the voice of your business and county is heard. Responses are collected on an anonymous basis and may be used in published research.
WIN A YEAR'S FREE BUSINESS BROADBAND - if you would like to include your email address at the end of the survey your business will be entered into a draw to win a year's free business broadband!

* 3. How many employees work in your Business?

* 4. Who is responsible for Network security in your Business?

* 5. Does your Business have a Cyber Security Policy?

* 6. Has your business suffered from a Cyber Attack(s) in the past 24 months?

* 7. Approximately what % of Irish Businesses do you believe have experienced cyber crime in the last 2 years?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 8. What is your primary source for keeping yourself and your business informed of cyber security threats and attacks?

* 9. Which of the following do you think will help improve your business cyber security levels (please choose all applicable)

* 10. How secure do you think your Business IT Network is?

* 11. What % of your  2018 IT Budget was allocated to Cyber Security?

* 12. Please rank, which of the following poses the greatest cyber security risk to your Business in 2018?

  Exceptionally High Risk High Risk Moderate Risk Low Risk No Risk
Hacking Attempts
Employee Awareness
Email Attachments
Uncontrolled Portable Devices
Phishing Emails

* 13. In your opinion is it easy or difficult to make a business case for management to invest in Cyber Security?

* 14. If your Business required a Cyber Security Product please rate from the following list, what would you consider important when choosing a Product?

  Exceptionally Important Very Important Important Not Important Not Relevant
Ease of Installation / Implementation
Cloud Based
On-Site Hardware

* 15. Has your business implemented any of the following? (please choose all applicable)

* 17. How useful do you think a '30 Day Count Down to GDPR Guide', detailing the steps Irish Businesses should consider in advance of GDPR would be to your Business?

* 18. Optional: Win a Year's FREE Business Broadband...please complete your details below