* 1. Was your child given a baby doll as a newborn-baby gift? If yes, whom did it come from?

* 2. How special is this doll to your child? To you? How would you describe this emotional connection to a first doll?

* 3. How many baby dolls does your child play with?

* 4. Does your child love to play little mom or dad and take care of his/her baby doll?

* 5. How does your child care for his/her baby doll?

* 6. Does your child play with an 18-inch doll(s)?

* 7. If yes, what are some of the most important ways your child interacts with his/her dolls?

* 8. Do you encourage your child to play with dolls? Tell us in your own words why doll play is important to you as a mom.

* 9. If you could design the perfect play doll for your child, what are the top three attributes that would go into the design? Please list.

* 10. How influential are parent or expert endorsements of the product to your doll purchase?

* 11. Madame Alexander was a woman pioneer who started her own doll business in New York City in 1923. Against many odds she flourished and established an amazing company. How important is it to you as a parent to know her story? Would her story influence your having a Madame Alexander doll?

* 12. Would you be interested in learning more about Madame Alexander’s story in a fun way to share with your child?

* 13. Madame Alexander Doll Company has been designing dolls in NYC for 90+ years, and we want to enhance our baby and young-girl doll collections. We are looking for an advisory board of young girls and their moms. If you are interested in being part of this new team, please select "yes" below.

* 14. If yes, please enter your contact information.

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