Please take a few minutes to complete the following communications survey. Your input will help us plan how to better serve you and budget for the coming year.

* 1. What type of broadcaster/media professional are you? (answer as many that apply):

* 2. Please select which one of the following best represents your current job/position (check all that apply):

* 3. As the MAB plans for the next year, how would you choose to receive MAB communications?

* 4. Do you currently receive information about MAB training/educational opportunities and cost-saving services related to your position at your station?

* 5. Please rate the following forms of communication on how important they are to you:

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important N/A
Land Line Phone
Cellular Phone

* 6. How often do you visit the following MAB sites?

  It is always on Several Times Daily Once Daily Every Few Days Several Times a Month Never
MAB Website

* 7. If you have visited the MAB website (www.michmab.com) how user friendly is it?

* 8. Please indicate what additional information or options you would like to see on the MAB website or other suggestions you would have for the MAB to improve it for you:

* 9. The MAB's weekly e-Newsletter "MAB News Briefs" delivers news about the broadcasting industry as well as information about your association, MAB events, and legislative issues, please indicate your reading habits for the e-Newsletter:

* 10. Please indicate any suggestions, improvements, or new topics to include in the weekly e-Newsletter:

* 11. Please rate the level of MAB's marketing materials, 1 being lowest, 5 being highest. Think about their design, clarity, and motivational factor.

* 12. Would you be willing to write an article for the e-Newsletter? If so, please fill out the following information:

* 13. What other suggestions do you have to help enhance the communications and marketing from the MAB: