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The Fair Work Commission (FWC) is presently reviewing all Modern Awards as part of the 4-yearly review of Modern Awards. As previously notified, the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) will be seeking variations to the Wine Industry Award 2010.

In addition, from the union side United Voice (UV) supported by the Australian Workers Union (AWU) will be seeking variations.

The purpose of this survey is to consult with wine industry employers and wine industry stakeholders on the draft wording of UV’s proposed variations.

This survey follows an earlier survey conducted in December 2014 on the issues of importance and concern to the wine industry in relation to the Wine Industry Award 2010.

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Whilst the survey does request the details of the person completing the survey, data received will be collated by SAWIA staff on behalf of members and will be kept confidential within that context. The contact details will only be used by SAWIA in the event we need to contact you to seek clarification regarding your responses.

If you need further information or need any assistance with the survey, please direct your questions to Henrik Wallgren, Business and Workplace Adviser, South Australian Wine Industry Association Inc.

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