1. Introduction and Contact Information

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Thank you for taking the 2013 Senior Exit Survey. You'll be asked about 60 questions depending on your employment/grad school plans, your major, whether you lived on campus, and whether you took Search or Life. The survey will take about 30 minutes to complete.

As you reach the end of your undergraduate career here at Rhodes, we'd like to know your future plans as well as ask you to reflect on your past experiences. This information will help us better serve you as alumni and improve services for the students who follow you.

This survey is not anonymous. We will provide your contact information to the College offices and departments who request it, but not to any third party. We may tie your individual responses to your academic record to discern important patterns, trends, or correlations, especially with regard to predicting student success. Careers Services and Information Services will both have access to the complete set of survey data. Other College offices and departments will be provided survey data that is relevant to their respective information needs. Aggregated data, but not individual responses, may be shared with third parties such as the U.S. Department of Education, guidebook publishers, etc.

If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact Dena Selmer, Director of Institutional Research, at x3066 or selmerd@rhodes.edu.

You must provide your post-graduation contact information. All other questions are optional.

  • This survey consists of the following sections:

  • contact information (this page)
  • future plans
  • employment
  • graduate school
  • academic experiences
  • college life experiences
  • residence life
  • Search or Life program questions
  • Major questions
  • Math questions for non-Math/CS majors
  • Before beginning the survey, we would like to collect your post-graduation contact information. This will allow us to keep in touch with you, both to keep you up to date on alumni events and to contact you with any business matters that may remain after your commencement. It is very important that you provide us with post-graduation contact information!

    * 1. Rhodes ID

    * 2. Last Name

    * 3. First Name

    * 4. Mailing address after graduation

    * 5. Do you plan to continue living in Memphis after graduation? (If you plan to continue your studies elsewhere and return to Memphis afterwards, please answer yes.)

    * 6. Phone numbers after graduation

    * 7. Email address after graduation (please retype your email in the "confirm" field in case of a typo).

    * 8. By which methods would you prefer to be contacted by the college?