LTBB Tribal Education System Planning Survey

Aanii! We (LTBB) are developing a grassroots group of tribal citizens, tribal program employees, non-Native community members, and allies that have agreed to pursue some form of an education model that would provide the ideal system that will better support our children to succeed in school and beyond. 

Our initial committee has consisted of people from the following areas: LTBB administration, Education Dept., Language Dept. including current language teachers in the public schools, Library and Cultural Services, Elders, parents and grandparents, a Natural Resources commissioner and Title VI directors from surrounding schools and a Grand Valley University faculty member.

The core group planned four community meetings. We discussed the questions below and presented the community input. This survey is meant to garner input from community members, tribal and non-tribal, who were not able to attend the meetings. The input will  help us understand the community needs and desires related to a tribal education system. The input will be used to help shape our planning and next steps.

We appreciate your input! Miigwech!

Question Title

* 1. What kind of experiences would you like our children to have in a tribal school?

Question Title

* 2. What kind of experiences are our children having in a non-tribal school?

Question Title

* 3. What sort of need exists for a tribal school (in our community)?