This questionnaire is part of a process to gather and summarize the perspectives of Washingtonians on the impacts, both positive and negative, of retaining or breaching/removing the four lower Snake River dams (LSRD).  The results of the questionnaire will be summarized into themes. 

Governor Inslee supports this process to understand the full range and diversity of views in Washington state in regard to the LSRD. He plans to use this information to help craft his recommendations on the Columbia River Systems Operations Environmental Impact Statement being developed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, and Bonneville Power Administration anticipated in February 2020 regarding the operations, maintenance and configurations for 14 federal projects in the Columbia River System in the interior Columbia River Basin. 

Responses to the questionnaire will be treated confidentially. Please email with the subject line "LSRD Distribution List" if you would like to be added to a contact list for updates.

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* Please select the option(s) that best represent your affiliation. You may select more than one option, and if you like you can identify your primary affiliation in the next question.

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The next questions are meant to gather your perspectives on various social, economic, and environmental categories that could be impacted by retaining or breaching/removing the four lower Snake River dams (LSRD).  You do not need to answer every question. For those questions that you do answer under each category, a short (600 characters, with spaces) text box is included to give you space to describe why you answered the way you did.