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Leikert Scale:
(not at all) 1 2 3 4 5 (a great deal)

* 1. How well did the LSI resources raise your awareness of the invasive species challenges that affect Lake Erie?

* 2. When preparing for teaching a lesson, how well did LSI’s teacher resources improve your understanding of the science concepts presented in that lesson?

* 3. How well did LSI improve your ability to facilitate inquiry-based discussions and investigations?

* 4. How well did LSI’s video episodes hold your students’ attention?

* 5. How well did the LSI resources (videos, lesson plans and related activities, interactive timeline, web links) help your students understand the concepts presented?

* 6. The LSI website (www.wviz.org/lsi) allows teachers to post comments and students to post and discuss their predictions. How valuable are these interactive features to you and your class?

* 7. LSI has a facebook presence (www.facebook.com/lifescienceinvestigation) which allows teachers the opportunity to post, share, and view current news stories and web resources for discussion and use in their classrooms. How valuable is this to you?

* 8. If you have any additional comments, suggestions for improvement, or personal stories related to your use of LSI, we would be grateful if you would share them with us here.

* 9. Many thanks for completing this survey. If you complete the contact information below, we will mail you a small token of our appreciation.

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